Describe the components necessary of an effective organizational structure evaluating how working in a global economy may impact the function of an organization

Elements of Effective Organizations – A Research Paper       For this portfolio deliverable, you will be required to prepare a research paper that analyzes the elements of effective organizations.   Once you have done this you will submit an 8-10 page paper.  In this paper you will:  …continue reading →

Explain the use of cash and internal controls to prevent fraud.

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper in which you: Explain the principles of internal control. Explain the use of cash and internal controls to prevent fraud. Explain why corporations invest in stocks and debt securities. Explain how debt and stock investments are reported in financial statements. Format your paper according…continue reading →

Demonstrate a fundamental understand of financial statement analysis

Financial ratios represent a way of avoiding problems involved when comparing companies of different sizes. These ratios assist in comparing and investigating the relationships between different pieces of financial information. From the text, you have read about several types of financial ratios as you write your paper, you will be…continue reading →

What is the null hypothesis for your question?

Use SPSS to answer the research question. Post your response to the following: What is your research question? What is the null hypothesis for your question? What research design would align with this question? What dependent variable was used and how is it measured? What independent variable is used and…continue reading →

How could these barriers be addressed?

A person’s health may be greatly impacted by his or her access to timely, appropriate care. Yet, in the United States, there are marked differences among the quality of services that are available and each individual’s use of those services. The cost of healthcare, for instance, can greatly influence a…continue reading →

Describe how Big Data could be used to assist in the productivity and forecasting of the organization’s products and resources

Assignment 2: Database Systems and Database Models Due Week 2 and worth 90 points The Strayer Oracle Server may be used to test and compile the SQL Queries developed for this assignment. Your instructor will provide you with login credentials to a Strayer University maintained Oracle server. Imagine that you…continue reading →

Describe what that person did, the approximate time that this person lived, what makes their contribution important, and criticisms of their work or theoretical position

First, click this link and read or listen to this resource on the History of Pshychology. Next select one individual mentioned in the article and write an essay reflecting upon that person’s life and contributions to the field of psychology. Describe what that person did, the approximate time that this person lived,…continue reading →